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Client Wardrobe

Client Closet

Client Wardrobe

To make things easy and save my clients time, money, and most importantly stress, when you book any session with me you get instant and full access to the exclusive Maren Elizabeth Client Closet. This is a carefully curated collection of wardrobe piece for the entire family that fit and feel great and look stunning on camera! Mix and match with your own closet to build the perfect session wardrobe.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Once you book your session I’ll touch base with you about wardrobe and send you all the options included in the client wardrobe. You are free to outfit the whole family with pieces from my collection, mix and match with your pieces from your own closet, or use nothing at all. It’s completely up to you and it will never change the cost of your session. If you see something you like you are welcome to stop by to try things on. If it fits and you decide you’d like to use it for your session the piece will be reserved for your session date and time. You can pick up your closet pieces up to 72 hours in advance of your session. No images will be delivered until any borrowed wardrobe pieces are returned. Many of my clients will bring a set of clothes to change into at the end of their session so they can return wardrobe pieces immediately following the session.

What if nothing’s my size or feels like”me”?

There is no obligation to use anything made available to you in the client closet. However if you just aren’t finding anything that works for you I’d still love to help out. Check out my Wardrobe Wish List, if you see something you like let me know and I’ll give you 70% of the items cost off your session when you buy/wear/and then donate the piece to the client closet. Still not seeing anything you like? Find something you do and send me a picture. If it’s approved for the client closet I’ll do the same, 70% of the item price off your session when you buy/wear/and then donate the piece to the client closet. PLEASE NOTE ALL PIECES MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE PURCHASE AND CHECKED FOR QUALITY BY MAREN BEFORE DISCOUNT IS APPLIED TO YOUR SESSION.

I also accept donations.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I buy as much as I can from Local Boutiques but also purchase online. Some of my favorite online retailers are:



Dress 1 (XXL)

Dress 2 (XXL)

Dress 3 (XXL)

Dress 4 (XXL)

Dress 5 (XXL)

Dress 6 (XXL)

Dress 7 (M) (L)

Dress 8 (S)


Hat 1

Hat 2


Navy Waffle Knit (XL)

Dark Chambray (XL)

Forest Green Sweater (XL)

Light Chambray (XL)

Tan/White Small Stripe Button Down (XL)


Dress 1 (18M)

Dress 2 (3T)

Dress 3 (2T)

Dress 4 (4-5T)

Dress 5 (5T)

Dress 6 (2T)

Dress 7 (4T)

Dress 8 (5T)

Dress 9 (5T)

Dress 10 (12M)



Pebble Bonnet (3-6 M) (6-12 M) (12-24 M)

Honey Bonnet (0-3 M) (12-24 M)

Rose Bonnet (3-6 M) (6-12 M) (12-24 M)

Blue Pointed Bonnet (0-3 M)

Saddle Knot Beanie (Newborn)

Striped Knot Beanie (Newborn)


Overalls 1 (3-6M)

Overalls 2 (3-4T)

Olive Pants (2T)

Navy Shirt (3T)