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Monthly Perspective Portraits

Babies do a lot of growing and changing during their first year – more than at any other time of their life!  If you don’t pause to document that growth and celebrate each stage its easy to forget all the little details. Perspective Portraits are the answer!

If you’re not familiar with this concept, basically you use perspective to show how your little one grows by taking a picture of them next to the same object or setting each month. Bitsy the Elephant is our perspective portrait reference but I’ve also seen people use a chair, mommas arms, or even a laundry basket. Whatever you choose just make sure it is safe and will remain safe as baby grows. For example, I’ve been taking Emi’s perspective portraits on our bed each month which worked really well – until she learned to crawl. Now I always have to have Matt’s help to make sure she doesn’t crawl right off the bed.

Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to this topic for more ideas and inspiration for your baby’s perspective portraits. Let me know how it goes and show us how your baby has grown below in the comments below.

Newborn - Perspective Portraits

Emi’s 8 Month Update

Can you believe its already been 8 months since this little one came into our lives? I sure can’t. What’s even harder to wrap my head around is that by the time Matt finishes this semester of school (the metric we currently measure our lives in) she will be just a few weeks shy of 1 year! A semester just isn’t that long!

This month Emi has mastered crawling, clapping, and sleeping in her own room (which is our huge walk in closet). She likes to pull herself up onto EVERYTHING – the couch, the entertainment center,  and the back of mom and dad’s legs while we’re trying to cook. Even though sometimes she’s barely hanging on she hasn’t had the courage to stand by herself yet but she’s close. Personally I’d be just fine if she wanted to stay this way forever… not sure I’ll ever be ready for her walking… she gets into enough mischief as it is.

Its so much fun to see how my little girl has grown in the past 8 months. They start out so tiny! And just look how she’s grown!

1 Month - Perspective Portraits2 Month - Perspective Portraits3 Months - Perspective Portraits4 Months - Perspective Portraits5 Months - Perspective Portraits6 Months - Perspective Portraits7 Months - Perspective Portraits8 Months - Perspective Portraits

Update! I’ve added all 12 months of Emi’s Perspective Portraits!

9 Months - Perspective Portraits10 Months - Perspective Portraits11 Months - Perspective Portraits12 Months - Perspective Portraits

If I could do it again, I would….

  1. Focus on using the same angle and position each time to make sure the images all look similar not only next to Bitsy the Elephant but also within the frame itself, part of this would mean making sure the orientation of each picture is the same (landscape vs portrait).
  2. In the same vein, I’d make sure the background is ALWAYS the same down to the same colored pillows.
  3. And again, consistency is KEY in these portraits so I’d make sure I dressed Emi in the same outfit each month, probably a simple white onesie – that way the focus will be entirely on her and how she’s grown from picture to picture.

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