Queen Creek Newborn Photographer

Queen Creek Newborn Photographer

As a queen creek newborn photographer, at home newborn sessions are definitely my favorite. I remember when I was two weeks postpartum (the perfect time for newborn pictures) the thought of leaving the house seemed so daunting. I couldn’t imagine planning outfits, getting myself, my husband, and my newborn ready to go anywhere let alone to take pictures.

That’s why I was so grateful I could take my own pictures at home, though, when I look back, there is definitely something missing. Pictures of Me and Emi together! Looking back, I shouldn’t have tried to do them myself, even as a professional photographer.

But how do you make them less-stressful during an already super stressful time? It’s simple really. Plan ahead!

Book your photographer sometime during the second half of your pregnancy. And don’t worry about trying to pick a specific date, I know the baby will come on baby’s own time so I don’t even schedule them until you’ve delivered. Then we’ll get in touch and get something on my calendar as soon as possible and you’re comfortable with, usually within the first two weeks.

And don’t stop there! Plan everyone’s outfits ahead of time and get the areas of your house you want to use for your session picture ready.

By planning ahead, newborn pictures don’t have to be stressful, they will be a wonderful memory you’ll cherish forever.

I’d love to work with you! Please contact me to book your queen creek newborn session! To view more of my work and stay up to date, follow me on Instagram.

Queen Creek Newborn Photographer Queen Creek Newborn Photographer Queen Creek Newborn Photographer


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