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Why A Studio Session Might be for You

As a Florence Arizona photographer, my clients sometimes ask me which I recommend, an outdoor or studio session. If you’ve poked around my Instagram or website at all, you know I have a strong preference for epic scenery and wild backdrops. BUT… there are some scenarios where a studio session might be the right call. Let’s break it down.

1. Weather

This isn’t usually an issue in our warm Arizona climate but occasionally the weather might make an indoor session the better option. Of course, the weather is difficult to predict too far in advance, and I rarely have to reschedule due to the weather, so I recommend booking a studio session only if someone in your family is particularly sensitive to the cold/heat and it’s our coldest (Dec/Feb) or hottest (July/Aug) months or the year.

(You may recognize this cute family from their cold and windy session, we ultimately decided we wanted just a few more happy smiley pictures.)

2. young, Active kids

If you have particularly active kids that just won’t sit still, a studio session might be for you. Now please don’t misunderstand me because in general, even the most active kids can still do well in an outdoor setting. But every now and then I meet a toddler even I can’t keep up with. If you think your kids will do better in a more contained environment where they can’t go too far a studio session might be for you.

This is particularly true if you’re outnumbered (more little kids/toddlers than older kids/adults to hold them).

3. anxious parents

I love to move during my sessions, playing and exploring help to create fun and emotive images, but our Arizona landscape can be a bit perilous at times… it often seems that everything either pokes, bites, or stings. If you’re an anxious parent and are going to have a hard time letting your kids play and explore a studio session might be a better option so everyone can relax and move around freely.

4. Newborns/infants

Finally, the most obvious and most common reason for a studio session is that you have a newborn or infant. It can be hard to be out in the wilderness, all dressed up, and caring for a small baby, everyone is usually more comfortable in a studio setting with bathrooms and other amenities nearby. Additionally, there isn’t always somewhere a baby can be set down safely when in an outdoor setting so individual pictures are hard to get. If you’ve got a crawler, studio floors are much more friendly to little knees than rocky trails.

Does a studio session sound more doable for you and your family? If so I’d love to work with you. Click here to book your session with Maren Elizabeth Photography. Or contact me for more information. To view more of my work and stay up to date, follow me on Instagram.

BONUS! Scroll all the way to the bottom to see a cute family video I made with my phone during their session.

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