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Hey mama, you’re probably here because you’re either in the process of creating another human life, or you just brought that miracle earth-side. Wherever you’re currently at in this journey I want you to know, mama… You. Are. Amazing!

Right now I’m guessing you’re hearing a lot of trite platitudes like “enjoy every moment” or “soak it all in”… and while I genuinely hope you can do those things… I’m willing to bet that right now you’re mostly trying not to succumb to the overwhelm. No matter how beautiful and precious your newborn, this stage is HARD… and personally, I’ve never felt more drained in all my life, and that was before the PPD hit.

This is where I come in. Because the newborn stage can feel like drowning… I will help you come up for air.

My purpose in every session, is to help drowning moms just like you reconnect with your  people and your purpose when life feels overwhelming. I work with you to create images that will show you the beauty in the struggle and the truth that you are enough.

Right now, you may not be physically or emotionally capable of “enjoying every moment” or “soaking it all in”… but at some point you will be, and the images from your Newborn session will be there, waiting to help you do just that.


Your MEP Newborn Session Includes:

Online Styling Service & Consultation

It’s like having your own personal stylist. Style & Select is an online wardrobe styling service, kinda like Pinterest, but exclusively for planning your photoshoot wardrobe. Whether you choose to buy or use it for inspiration, it’s never been easier to plan what to wear for family pictures. 

Style & Select also houses my personal client closet, photographer approved clothes you can borrow for every member of your family. 

5-6 weeks before your session I’ll also reach out for your complimentary wardrobe consultation. I promise to be honest as we work together, every step of the way, to style your whole family and make sure you look and FEEL your best in your pictures.


Too often I think stereotypical family pictures include grumpy husbands and screaming kids. That will not happen during our time together. Period. Full stop.

In the weeks leading up to your session, I’ll be asking you to spend a little quality time together and answer a questionnaire (designed with the help of a marriage and family therapist) to prepare for your session.

While not required, my clients who take full advantage of this unique and special experience can’t stop raving about the difference it makes, not only in their pictures but in their family.

During your session, we draw from the relationship building we started in that activity and expand it as we focus on real moments spent cuddling, playing, and making memories together.

Two Hours In Studio

Your newborn lifestyle session includes up to 2 hours in studio.

This gives us plenty of time to go at baby’s pace, take breaks for feedings, diaper changes, and to rock baby to sleep if that’s what they need.

Newborn sessions take place in one of two lifestyle studios in Mesa, AZ. These studio spaces are designed with photography in mind so there is always plenty of light and no clutter, keeping the focus squarely on you, your family, and new addition.

These spaces are comfortably furnished with a bed and sometimes a couch, comfy spaces to cuddle, play, and spend a precious moment completely focused on each other.

Before After


I guarantee 50 retouched images from your session. However, sometimes I honestly can’t help myself and I sneak in a few more, especially if your kids are too cute for their own good. (Which is pretty much always…)

These are YOUR memories, I know how precious each and every frame is and I want to make sure you get all the best images.

As I carefully select each image to retouch and include in your final gallery, I start by eliminating the ones I know you don’t want. Eyes closed, blurry, unintentional silly faces, etc. Then I carefully pare down the remaining photos to the ones where everyone looks their best.


Images will be delivered within 14-28 business days of your session via a convenient and user-friendly online gallery.

Easily mark your favorites to share with Grandparents and other family and friends. 

You can download all your images sized perfectly for sharing on social media and prints up to 5×7″.

Keep scrolling to learn about your personal artwork shop.


Bear with me while I tell you a quick story. 

When my brother met the girl of his dreams I was lucky enough to take their bridals in preparation for the big day. 

On the day of their wedding, while we were setting up for the reception… I saw the prints they’d ordered from costco…

Y’all, I wanted to cry! They were dark, muddy, and even blurry! They looked nothing like the images I had delivered to them.

I decided then and there I had to find a better option for my clients and I’m so excited to include with your investment a personal artwork shop integrated seamlessly with your client gallery.

You don’t have to upload anything, wonder if you got the right file, or question if you’re chosen printer can handle the high-quality files. Simply add to cart and check out, easy as Amazon.

Your gorgeous, high-quality, artwork will be delivered right to your door.

And the best part? It’s so affordable! (price matched to mpix.com) You can check out the price list here.

P.S. You can even order birth announcement cards without leaving your gallery. Just choose a design, drag and drop your favorite images, customize your message, and add to cart! Talk about EASY!

invest in your story

Newborn Sessions

• online styling service, wardrobe consultation & client closet

• Family strengthening & relationship building focus

• up to 120 minutes in studio

• 2 hour lifestyle studio rental (your choice of 2 located in Mesa, AZ)

• 50 retouched images

• digital downloads

• personal artwork shop


25% non-refundable deposit, due upon booking, required to reserve session date.  |  Sessions are typically scheduled in the morning between 8am and 12pm and are subject to studio availability | Arizona sales tax will be added to the total price.

a la carte


frequently asked questions


Kind of. While I don't own my own studio there are several great ones around the valley that I rent periodically upon client request, and for newborn sessions.

Your newborn session fee includes a 2 hour rental of any room of your choosing.

Image retouching usually takes between 14-28 business days. Especially during busy season, September though November, expect your gallery to be delivered during the 21-28 days range.

That's okay. Really! I'm not just saying that.

In my 10+ years of taking family pictures, I've never once had a child so uncooperative I couldn't get more than a few good pictures.

More than that, I structure my sessions with the wiggliest toddlers in mind.

We'll start with the most important, posed pictures that include the youngest/most active kids first.

I do this so that when their patience starts to wear thin, we're ready to be less structured and more playful for those precious candid moments.

My advice to you is to let go of your idea of "perfect" family pictures. Take that pressure off your kids. Come ready to roll with the chaos, the more you can smile through it, the better and more magical your session (and final images) will be.

If I am feeling even remotely sick, or suspect I've been exposed to COVID, I am going to reschedule your session. I'm just not willing to risk it in the midst of a global pandemic and expect the same from you. Seasonal allergies, etc. are of course different.


I don't mind rescheduling when possible, your retainer is transferrable for a different date for up to 6 months. I try to keep a few days open for situations like this just in case.


Other situations that may cause us to reschedule: weather (rain, wind, etc.), family emergencies, etc.

BACK. THEM. UP. I wish I could hold on to every picture I've ever taken in the history of ever... but unfortunately, that would be crazy expensive. You will have 2 weeks to download your images and place your artwork order. While I promise to hold on to your images for a year from your session date I ask that you take the necessary measures to securely back up your digital files for you and your posterity as soon as you download them. I recommend either an external hard drive or cloud based storage.

Also, you'll notice your files will be named YYMMDD-LastNameFamilyPicutresYYYY-0001.jpg. This is to make it super easy for you to find them by searching by the date they were taken or "FamilyPicturesYYYY". 

The best and easiest way is to find any button on this page that says "BOOK NOW/CHECK AVAILABILITY". That will take you directly to my availability where you can select a date, sign the contract, and pay the retainer.


If you have any questions or are looking for something specific/specialized, please don't hesitate to hit the other button "CONTACT MAREN" to get a message to my inbox. I'll be in touch within 24 hours. 

No. I used to and ultimately found the whole experience to be more stressful on the family and the final results were never as good. There are SO many factors that make a space picture perfect, lighting, decor, the lack of clutter, etc. Starting in 2022 I decided to transition to only shooting newborn sessions in studio to better serve my clients.

The short answer is anytime, but I recommend sometime during your 2nd trimester. As long as there is availability on my calendar you are welcome to reserve a session, however, to take full advantage of the Maren Elizabeth Experience I recommend that you book at least 3 months in advance.

If you're interested in a Spring session (February-March) or a Fall session (September-November) I recommend booking as soon as you possibly can. Those months tend to be my busiest which means they fill up quickly and well in advance.

Maybe. I have to get special permission from the studio to have pets onsite and it's not guaranteed they'll say yes. But if its something you have your heart set on I'm 100% willing to ask. There may be an additional studio fee to cover extra cleaning, etc.

Think of any photography needs your family might have from the moment you find out your pregnant until your last grand-baby is born... I photograph that. 

Maternity, Birth, Fresh 48, Newborn, Baby's First Year, Milestones, Birthdays, Seniors, Anniversary, Generational. 

Have I missed any? Just about the only thing I don't do... is weddings. 😉

i cant wait to work with you


If you’ve made it this far, I know we’re a perfect fit! I would be honored to capture this chapter of your family’s story. To get started, click BOOK NOW.

Arizona Newborn Photographer
Arizona Newborn Photographer
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