February Bucket List 2020 | Arizona Photographer

February Bucket List 2020 | Arizona Photographer

Moving to a new state has given me the unique opportunity to explore like I never have before. I’m sure Utah has just as many things happening as Arizona but being in a new place has give me that extra little bit of motivation to go out and find them. I’ve created this February Bucket List with Arizona in mind to share some of the wonderful activities I’ve found happening in Arizona but I’m sure you can adapt it to fit your February wherever you live.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

Printable February Bucket List 2020 (DOWNLOAD)

1. Celebrate National Pizza Day with a slice of your favorite pie! (Feb. 9)

Just in case you need an excuse to eat more pizza make sure you celebrate Pizza Day on February 9th! Go further and explore a local pizza joint you’ve never tried before, or maybe go back to your favorite local shop but try something you’ve never tried before. Start a new family tradition and make some homemade dough for personal pizzas at home.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

2. Send an anonymous, handmade Valentine to someone who could use a little extra love.

Did you ever read that book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch?

It’s this cute little story about a grumpy old man who thought nobody loved him until he got an anonymous Valentine that said “Somebody loves you.” It changed his whole life! He wondered if every person he met was his secret Valentine so he treated them kindly and would smile. He shared the Chocolates with his coworkers and helped his neighbors when they needed it. Eventually everyone learned to love Mr. Hatch because of how he blossomed after receiving this Valentine.

The climax of the story comes when the mailman has to inform Mr. Hatch that the Valentine he’d delivered had been a mistake… it was meant for someone else.

At first, Mr. Hatch was sad and began to withdraw. But his new friends pulled him back and made sure he knew that he was loved.

One Valentine, even though it was a mistaken, changed his whole life.

We all know someone who needs to know they are loved.

Maybe there’s a young woman in your neighborhood who struggles with loving herself. Show her that she is loved.

Maybe you know someone who has experienced a recent loss and is feeling alone. Show them they are loved.

Maybe you know someone who’s struggling to feel like they fit in. Show them they are loved.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

3. Bake a sweet treat or go out for dessert and try something new.

Make a Valentine’s treat with your significant other¬† (SO) or your kids. Make sugar cookies and decorate them. Try a new recipe, something that stretches your baking skills a little bit.

Baking not really your thing? Go find a new favorite dessert spot with you SO and splurge a little. Or take the kids our for some ice cream/frozen yogurt/cookies.

Or just make a memory and involve dessert somehow.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

4. Go on a date with your Valentine/Galentine (or both!) (Feb. 14)

This one is pretty obvious but don’t skip it! Take the time to plan something special with the people who mean the most in your life, there’s no better way to show them you care.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

5. Heart attack someone who’s made a difference in your life in the last year.

In case you’ve never heard of “heart attacking” someone before it’s simple. Cut out lots of little paper hearts, write little messages on them, then tape them up on someone’s door, garage, car, etc. Just make sure that whatever you use to stick them doesn’t cause damage. You could also tape little candies or other treats to the hearts. Do it anonymously or let them know that they changed your life and you wanted to say thank you.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

6. Show yourself some love and self-care; soak in the tub, paint your nails, go for a run, etc.

Whatever self-care looks like to you, do that. I’d just like a few hours to myself without anyone (kids) needing anything from me. That would be bliss.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

7. Go on a hike, the weather is perfect for it!

I warned you this was the Arizona version of the February Bucket List. Right now is primo hiking time for us! Not too hot, not cold, just right for a stroll through the desert. We’re surrounded by Regional and National parks so pick one closest to you and go. They also have tons of fun guided hikes/activities for all ages.

We live closet to Usery Mountain Regional Park and they’re event line up for February looks like so much fun! I’m most interested in Usery Regional Parks their Full Moon Hike and Campfire, s’mores included!

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

8. Support your community and attend a local event.

I have missed out on so many fun activities over the years because I had no idea how much is going on all. The. Time! Since moving I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone and have found so many fun, local activities and I’m sure wherever you live has just as much going on too!

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to find out what’s going on is looking up a local parenting resource, like Raising Arizona Kids, and they usually have a pretty comprehensive list.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

9. Perform a random act of kindness. (Feb. 17th)

February 17th is National Random Act of Kindness day so get out and do something randomly kind for someone else. If you need some ideas I found you a list from Natural Beach Living’s blog.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

10. Eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to celebrate National Pancake Day! (Feb. 28th)

In our house we don’t really need an excuse to have breakfast for dinner but just in case you do, don’t miss National Pancake Day happening on February 28th!

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer

11. Do something fun to celebrate Leap Day! (Feb. 29)

Leap day only comes around once every four years so go all our and celebrate the gift of an extra day! Today.com has a list of 29 things to do on leap day with your kids if you need celebration ideas.

February Bucket List 2020 Arizona | Arizona Photographer


I’ve started this bucket list series to encourage my friends and followers to “collect memories, not things.” Even if you just do one or two make sure to snap a picture and share your memory making shenanigans with the hashtag #MEPBucketList.

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