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Sedona, Joshua Tree, Zion, Hawaii… Sure! – you name it and I’m there! I love seeing the beautiful places of the world and even better, making art in them! Let’s GO!

Here’s what you need to know about travel sessions – Most locations in the greater Phoenix Metro area do require a small travel fee depending on where we go. 60 roundtrip miles are included in the session fee, additional miles are $1/mile.

To give you an idea:
• Lost Dutchman – 60 miles roundtrip – $0
• Water Users  – 83 miles roundtrip – $23
• Brown’s Ranch, Scottsdale – 138 miles roundtrip – $78
• Sedona – 344 miles round trip – $284

Any session 3+ hours from San Tan, AZ requires a 1-night hotel stay and the $1/mile.

For out-of-state sessions, my round trip flight, 2-night hotel stay, and 2-day car rental are to be paid for by the client.*  This allows me to scout locations in the area that I’ve never been to and get settled. Maybe we can even grab dinner together the night before.

These costs can be divided if two or more families book together in your desired general area. So call all those friends who are also fans and let’s make art!

*The only exception is the Utah/Salt Lake County area, I don’t require a hotel or car rental (usually).

travel bucket list:

These are places I really want to go and shoot, so I’m willing to discount the travel fee for the FIRST clients who take me there!

For driving distance – the travel fee will be waived.

For flying distance – the session fee will be waived.

Driving Distance

Flying Distance

Want to go somewhere not on this list? Feel free to send me a message and pitch it to me!

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