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Lost Dutchman State Park Family Pictures | SAGUARO DAY USE AREA

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for Lost Dutchman State Park family pictures, the Saguaro Day-Use Area is one of my favorites to capture timeless family photos surrounded by breathtaking views. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes this location so special and share some tips for creating stunning family portraits.

Lost Dutchman State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park is renowned for its picturesque beauty, featuring the rugged charm of the Superstition Mountains as its backdrop. The park offers a diverse range of landscapes, from towering saguaro cacti to sprawling desert vistas, making it an extraordinary setting for family photography.

Before choosing Lost Dutchman State Park for your family photo session, keep in mind that there is a $10 entrance fee per car to access the park and a $50 photo permit to ensure the preservation and protection of this stunning natural landscape.

Saguaro Day Use Area

The Saguaro day-use area is one of my personal favorite areas for family pictures within Lost Dutchman State Park, particularly during the magical “blue hour,” which occurs approximately 10-15 minutes after the sun sets. This period offers a unique soft light that beautifully complements the majestic Superstition Mountains, resulting in breathtaking and captivating shots of the mountains.


While the Saguaro day use area offers various fantastic photo spots, some of the best ones require a short 10-15 minute walk down a trail. These spots provide the most captivating angles to showcase your family against the backdrop of the rugged mountains.

However, it’s essential to note that the trail is not wheelchair accessible, and would be a bumpy ride for strollers. Additionally, there is a fence with only a narrow entry that would require lifting a stroller over.

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