Mesa Maternity Photographer | Maternity Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

Mesa Maternity Photographer | Maternity Portraits Frequently Asked Questions

As a Mesa maternity photographer, I’ve worked with many clients over the years and pictures mean something different to every one of them. I always love hearing what they mean to my clients, why they choose to invest in pictures for this milestone, what they hope to get out of it, this is especially true for maternity portraits.

Here are some frequently asked questions I hear from my clients as they contemplate maternity portraits and thoughts from those who consider them of the utmost importance.

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Are Maternity Portraits worth it?

YES! Definitely! No Question! Yes!

A while ago I wrote a blog post about 5 reasons every mama deserves a maternity session and every single one of those reasons it WHY Maternity Portraits are worth it.

  1. You’ve just grown a human! That’s impressive and worth celebrating!
  2. To document and celebrate the journey of pregnancy.
  3. To communicate to your baby all the excitement you felt waiting for their arrival.
  4. Because you deserve to get all dressed up and FEEL amazing!
  5. Get to know your photographer for what comes next (birth, fresh 48, or newborn portraits)

Whether it’s your first or last or anything in between each pregnancy is an exciting and beautiful life-changing event that deserves documentation and celebration. Totally worth it!

Mesa Maternity Photographer | Tonto National Park

But what will I wear?

I know this one can be especially difficult to answer when you’re feeling huge and like your body has been taken over by a parasite (which it has). But this shouldn’t be a stressor. Why? Because I will be here every step of the way guiding you towards an outfit that will help you feel amazing a photograph beautifully! Wardrobe is an important part of the photography experience, I wouldn’t leave you hanging on something that important!

Don’t want to buy something you’ll only wear once? I’ve got that covered too with my Client Closet. Borrow something from me to wear for your session and rock it with confidence! Each piece is hand-selected with my clients and how they’ll photograph in mind so you KNOW they’re all gonna look stunning.

Don’t see anything you like? That’s okay too. We can work together to add a new piece to my wardrobe and you get a discount on your session! See more details about my Client Closet here.

Mesa Maternity Photographer | Tonto National Park

When is the best time for maternity pictures? I bet I already missed it.

NOPE! They only way you’ve missed the “best time” for maternity pictures is if you’ve had your baby. As long as it’s still inside Maternity pictures are a go! Okay, maybe if you’re in labor it’s a little too late… but you know what I mean. Typically I recommend anytime in the 3rd trimester for maternity pictures, you want your belly to be nice and “popped” but will probably be most comfortable if you can fit them in before 38 weeks.

Mesa Maternity Photographer | Tonto National Park

Why my clients choose to have Maternity Portraits

I was put in touch with Andrea last minute for this session. They had to be rescheduled with her original photographer because of COVID-19 but she still desperately wanted to have them done. When we met up for this session it was the first time we communicated other than texting/email. This was hard to be because I like to get to know my clients and understand why pictures are important to them.

So before we got started I asked Andrea, “Why are maternity pictures important to you?”

She expressed that there was something spiritual about the experience, her body creating a new life, and her journey to becoming a mother. I was so grateful she shared that with me and tried to capture that feeling and tell the story of that journey in her portraits.

Why are maternity pictures important to you?

I’d love to work with you! Please contact me to book your maternity session! To view more of my work and stay up to date, follow me on Instagram.

Mesa Maternity Photographer | Tonto National Park Mesa Maternity Photographer | Tonto National Park



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