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This is hands down one of my favorite locations for San Tan Valley family pictures. It’s the kind of place that has no name, just a little pull off the side of the road that you’ll miss if you blink. But you can’t beat the stunning rock formations in the background, the red rock plateau as the perfect staging ground, and the cacti in between. It screams Arizona and even gives that little taste of Sedona much closer to the valley.

Desert Butte | San Tan Valley Family Pictures Locaiton

Listed as the Desert Butte on my comprehensive locaiton guide (for client eyes only), like most Arizona locations, this spot is perfect in pretty much every season but Summer, I prefer sunset, over sunrise, and because of this plateau like outcropping for staging, groups of any size would photograph well here. It’s challenges include limited parking, a 10-15 minute moderate hike (not accessible by wheelchair or safe for the mobility challenged), and you have a cross a big, but not terribly busy, road.

All Heart Access

This is one of the first sessions I styled and shot after joining the workshop by Stormy Solis, All Heart Acess. I call it a workshop and not an online course because that is how the information is presented and it really capturing the feeling of a workshop more than a class.

It’s called All Heart because at its core is a desire to push photographers to tap the potential within their own heart to create emotive and authentic art for their clients. It represents a shift in my personal philosophy as a photographer and artist and in what I hope to give to my clients.

Creating Memories

Sometimes I catch Dad’s rolling their eyes and laughing ironically at the things I ask them to do during sessions. Like cuddling on a blanket in the middle of the desert… yeah… I know, its not something you’d normally do, and if that is how you look at it your images will feel contrived and un-authentic. But, I bet those same cuddles, you do that all the time on our couch at home. And when I ask you to tickle baby, that happens everyday before bedtime. Even holding hands and frolicing walking through a field, that happens when you’re helping your kids cross the street or trying to stick together in a crowd.

During my sessions we tap into those everyday connections that you DO share every single day. We just document them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

When I say we will create memories during your session, I don’t mean fake for the camera memories. I mean real moments, real kisses, real cuddles, real playtime, real giggles, REAL. Taking family pictures, doing those things during family pictures, prioritizing documenting your family, that is the memory.

Session Wardrobe Styling

All Heart is also where I learned even more about how to style a session and why its important. As I state on my style guide, styling is important…

“Because you’re not hiring me to take pictures… you’re hiring me to create art. 

Like a painter carefully considers the elements of composition (balance, contrast, focus, motion, and pattern) when mixing paints for his masterpiece, we must do the same when choosing the elements that go into yours.

The outfits you choose to wear for your session should reflect your style, both individually and as a family- however, the colors, textures, and styles will play a huge part in the way your photos turn out!” 

And if you like the images on my website/instagram, they look like that in part becuase of my editing style, but even more so because of the colors and styles my clients are wearing.

If you already have it in your head what you’re going to wear and you’re not interested in discussing it and possibly making changes… I might not be the photographer for you. Working with me is a collaborative experience to make sure you get fine art results.

All Heart | San Tan Valley Family Pictures

If you’re lonigng for family pictures that are emotive, authentic, and all heart I’d love to work with you. Click here to book your session with Maren Elizabeth Photography. Or contact me for more information. To view more of my work and stay up to date, follow me on Instagram.

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