Arizona Fresh 48 Photographer | Everything you need to know about fresh 48 pictures

Everything you need to know about fresh 48 pictures

As an Arizona Fresh 48 photographer, I love these tender sessions that celebrate brand-new life. This post will dive into everything you need to know about Fresh 48 pictures. From what to expect during the session to when and how to book, I’ve got you covered.

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

A Fresh 48 session is a heartfelt, documentary-style photo shoot that takes place within the first 48 hours after your baby’s birth. These sessions are typically conducted at the hospital or birth location, capturing the raw emotions and genuine moments that follow this miraculous event as well as your baby’s first portrait and family picture.

Why book a Fresh 48 session?

As a firm believer in the power of photography to preserve memories, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of booking one or more photo sessions to document the beginning of your baby’s story, whether it’s a Fresh 48, birth, or newborn session.

A Fresh 48 session is the happy medium between birth and newborn photos. Those initial hours after your baby’s arrival are a whirlwind of emotions and activity. With so much happening, capturing these precious moments might not be at the front of your mind. Planning ahead for pictures allows you to slow down, savor the moments, and process the experience when you have room to breathe later on.

During this time, you’ll be exhausted, both emotionally and physically, as you navigate your newfound responsibilities as the parent of a newborn. The chaos of paperwork, nurse visits, breastfeeding, and notifying loved ones can be overwhelming. Fresh 48 sessions offer you a chance to breathe and cherish the moments that might otherwise pass in a blur.

Beyond the immediate benefits, Fresh 48 pictures are a wonderful gift to give your child. As they grow older, these images will become cherished keepsakes that allow them to relive the joy and love surrounding their birth.

What to Expect

At Maren Elizabeth Photography, we embrace the authenticity of Fresh 48 sessions. While we’ll capture a few posed portraits of your baby and you with your little one, the majority of the images will be documentary-style and photojournalistic. We aim to freeze genuine moments, emotions, connections, and interactions, rather than creating overly polished or staged shots.

These sessions are a beautiful blend of color and black-and-white edits, further enhancing the emotive quality of the images.

When To Book

Timing is essential when it comes to booking your Fresh 48 session. The ideal time to make all your photography arrangements, including birth, Fresh 48, and newborn sessions, is early in your pregnancy. By securing your spot in advance, you ensure availability around your due date and alleviate the need to make arrangements amidst the challenges of the newborn stage.

When To Schedule

Once you’ve booked your Fresh 48 session with me, I’ll add a placeholder on our calendar for your due date. Once your baby arrives, simply notify me, and we’ll work together to finalize the exact day and time for the session. Flexibility is key during this time, as we want to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot.

What to Wear

When it comes to attire for your Fresh 48 session, comfort is key. You don’t need to plan any special wardrobe. Some of our most cherished sessions feature moms wearing a generic hospital gown while their baby is adorably swaddled in a diaper and hospital t-shirt. However, if you prefer to wear your own clothes, opt for something simple you feel comfortable and beautiful in.

For a timeless look that won’t distract from the story, I recommend solid, muted, or neutral colors. Steer clear of matching outfits or overly coordinated ensembles. Dad and any siblings present during the session can follow the same dressing guidelines.

Arizona Fresh 48 Photographer

Fresh 48 sessions are a remarkable way to capture the fleeting moments after your baby’s arrival. These authentic and heartfelt images will become treasured family heirlooms, carrying the emotions and joy of those magical hours for generations to come.

As a photographer, my mission is to encapsulate the love, excitement, and connection that surround the birth of your child. I am honored to be part of this incredible journey with you and can’t wait to create unforgettable memories together.

If you’re expecting or know someone who is I’d love to work with you to tell this chapter of your story. Click here to book your session with Maren Elizabeth Photography. Or contact me for more information. To view more of my work and stay up to date, follow me on Instagram.

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