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For my whole first year living in Arizona, the Butcher Jones Recreation area was closed to the public because of nearby wildfires. At least that’s what I heard. So it took me a while to explore this gorgeous area on Saguaro Lake. And now that I have… I’m hooked! Just look how gorgeous this place is for family pictures!

Here’s what you need to know about family pictures at butcher jones

1. Butcher Jones Recreation area is in Tonto National Forest which means you’re going to need a Tonto Pass. You can pick one up at select gas stations or sometimes you can purchase them onsite (or at another nearby recreation area) from a kiosk for a slightly higher fee.

2. This gorgeous cove has large rock formations on both the East and West which means the sun will rise and set a little earlier than google says it will. We’ll want to plan accordingly by moving your session time back for sunrise or up for sunset.

3. And finally, It can be super busy! This is one of the more popular recreation areas in Tonto National Forest so be aware its going to be busy. To mitigate this issue, I recommend scheduling your session here on a weeknight. This will me a little more privacy/space to move around, though in peak seasons (aka summer) you probably still won’t have it all to yourself.

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