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Beach Family Pictures in Arizona

Beach Family Pictures in Arizona |Clark

Since Arizona is landlocked, many people think that you'd have to travel to get beach family pictures. But just because we don't have a coastline, doesn't mean we don't have beaches. Like this beach, Butcher Jones Recreation Site at Saguaro Lake. What I love about this beach is that you get so much variety in a very small area. Of course, you have the beach and the water, but there's a whole field of grass leading up to the beach that is also great for pictures! What you need to know about Beach Family Pict[...]

Saguaro Lake Family Pictures

Saguaro Lake Family Pictures | Granados

I generally give my clients 2 options for their session time; Sunrise or Sunset. Not surprisingly, most of my clients choose sunset... but there are a few valid reasons why sunrise is a better option for you and your family. It was the better choice for the cute Granados Family for their sunrise family pictures session at Saguaro Lake, here's why. 3 reasons a sunrise session might be for you 1. When I gave the Granados family the option of sunrise or sunset, mama was initially leaning towards sunset. But the[...]

Butcher Jones Family Pictures

Butcher Jones Family Pictures |Sandberg

BUTCHER JONES FAMILY PICTURES For my whole first year living in Arizona, the Butcher Jones Recreation area was closed to the public because of nearby wildfires. At least that's what I heard. So it took me a while to explore this gorgeous area on Saguaro Lake. And now that I have... I'm hooked! Just look how gorgeous this place is for family pictures! Here's what you need to know about family pictures at butcher jones 1. Butcher Jones Recreation area is in Tonto National Forest which means you're going to[...]

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